Rolling Stones

ROLLING STONES  consists of twelve robotic balls or spheres, in different covers or costumes made of fabric. The first robotic ball/sphere was created as a satellite to the robot,  O#XThe Inexorable. This ball was charged from the mother robot and went off in its own directions, out and away, heading independence.


The twelve Rolling Stones are moving in relation to each other and according to the circumstances. The so called costumes decide and control how they move and the impression they give. Rolling Stones has been developed as part of the research project Act Dresses, a collaboration between artists and researchers at KTH 2008-2010. The Rolling Stones have moved around in public at Tensta Konsthall during the exhibition Cut my legs off and call me Shorty 2009, in Jakob’s Church during 2008, at the center for art and research Dktus (De Kungliga Trädgårdarnas Underjordiska Sällskap) in Stockholm in 2010 and at the White Cube, Norrlands Operan in Umeå in 2010. The graphic design of the circuit board that controls the ball’s movements are later transcribed into patterns used in a handknotted interactive rug, a prayer/yoga carpet with wires, sensors, motors integrated so that the design and artwork combines shape, activity and feature. In following project Magic Carpet – the dream of a flying rug.

Circuitboll Rug Kretsboll Matta / Magic Carpet 2010

”Du och jag är stenrullare. Hela vårt liv sätter vi in all vår kraft och all vår talang på att rulla en stor sten uppför ett berg. Stenen är sanningen som de stora männen känner till rent intuitivt och berget är mänsklighetens enfald.”                                                               Doris Lessing från Den femte sanningen del 1.

Rolling Stones in action at DKTUS, Stockholm  2011