”Prepositions” are words used to describe different relationships between people, places, things.”Prepositioner” är ord som används för att beskriva olika förhållanden mellan personer, platser, saker.

Preposition. (av latinets prepositio – ställning framför) ord som av, i, på, ur etc. , vilket vanligen står framför ett substantiv eller pronomen och tillsammans med detta utgör en bestämning till ett annat ord.

Prepositions often have a clear own meaning (before / after, below / above) but in fixed combinations with verb, this own meaning is often weakened: complain, longing for etc. In other languages, other prepositions can be used for corresponding verbs, eg English: complain of, long for. (Text from Bonnier’s Dictionary)


Ulla West. Based in Stockholm, born 1954 in Trollhättan.

After studies in literature and nordic languages at University of Gothenburg 1973 – 1975, followed art studies at Konstfack / College of Arts in Stockholm – sculpture and art pedagogics 1975 – 1980,  at Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm 1995 – photo printing, 1996 Konstfack – art theory, 2003 Royal Institute of Art – art and new media, 2007 Royal Institute of Art – Mejan Arc, art and architecture, 2009 Theories, Methods and Practises at Konstfack.  CV

I am working with different media in installations, projects, exhibitions, commissions. The themes of work are elaborations on everyday existence, growing in rhizome-like ways often relating to the digital, and technology in a human context. The line of work involves movements, searching, site, sculpture, social life, film and photo, textile, text. Involving personal reflections on interactions. Every project is a long process, sometimes with no visible or spectacular result. I return to my interest in chemicals, in tools, in machines and all the time I work with letters and words, text. Text and texuality. Text and textile. Text and stories. Text as art. Text in art.

To make my ideas happen it is often necessary to work inter-disciplinary and non-disciplinary, to work things out in different ways outside frames of how-to-do and why.

see my Poetic Attempt

Among exhibitions to mention: Aciliyet Mektebi SALT Istanbul 2015, Trollhättans Konsthall 2014, Kunsthall Trondheim 2013-14, HV Gallery Stockholm 2011, Art Biennial Beijing 2009, Hallwyllska Palace Stockholm 2009,YBCA-Yerba Buena Center for the Arts San Francisco 2009, Kaunas Art Biennial 2009, Konstnärshuset Stockholm 2008, Västerås Art Museum 2007,  Skarstedt Gallery Stockholm 2004,Liljevachs Konsthall Stockholm 2004, Sculpture House, Skulpturens Hus  Stockholm 2003, Swedish Embassy Tokyo 2001.

Artist’s residencies: Paris 1993, Bangkok 2003, IASPIS Stockholm 2005, Buenos Aires 2006,  Paris 2007, Wik 2008, Trondheim 2013, Hallen/Jämtland 2015, Circolo Scandinavo Rome 2016 and 2017.

Lectures, workshops and studio talks includes venues such as Konstfack/ College of art and design Stockholm, Södertörn University, Royal Institute of Art Stockholm, KTH Computer Science Stockholm, Modern Museum Stockholm, Swedish Embassy in Tokyo Japan, YBCA Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Chiang Mai University Art Museum Thailand, HRI/ University of Osaka Japan, HDK Gothenburg, Kunsthall Trondheim Norway, Aciliyet Mektebi Scool of Urgency SALT Istanbul.


Since the first soloexhibition in Stockholm 1986 presenting paintings and large scale screenprints I started focus on textile materials and methods in my artwork, after beeing invited into the network Textile Group. Membership in TG between 1987 and 1990 involved running an art gallery, an archive over artworks for commissions and exhibitions in Stockholm and abroad. Exchanges with Norway, UK, Switzerland and Chile took place. During these years I worked with public commissions for State Art Council/Statens Konstråd and Stockholm municipality, and Stockholm Hospitals. These years also involved work with setdesign and costumes for theatre-, film- and TV-productions.

1990-1994 was an intense period of  Freudian psycoanalyse, four sessions a week during five years. This had an important impact in my life and work.

1995 I went back to perform poststudies in art theory, philosophy, digital media, programming, printing and photo transfers, art and new media at Royal College of Art and at Konstfack. Critical studies.

Inbetween 1998 and 2002 I was a member of the artistic network FAS Fiber Art Sweden based in Sweden, organizing exhibitions and events, at for example House of Sculpture, Palace of Hallwyllska in Stockholm, Västerås Art Museum. I learned programming html- and C++ coding and built FAS first website.

As part of the international female network of artists, No Problem,  followed a series of exchange exhibitions in Japan, Thailand, Norway, Denmark, Sweden.

1999-2003 I worked as project manager and coordinator at CRAC, Creative Room for Art and Computing in Stockholm and was 2004  commissioned as project manager of KISTA+ART, an experimental room for art, interactions and workshops incorporated in the shoppingmall in Kista. This was a collaborative project between Art Centra East/KC Öst – local district administration in Kista – IT University  – Konstfack.

After moving around in different rented studios I got the contract for a studio at Mosebacke in 2005.

2007-2010 I together with artist Anna Selander organised public art film screenings called Entrance For Film EFF, presenting short art films in public places such as the entrance of Konstnärernas Centralköp in Stockholm, Plattan Library Kulturhuset Stockholm, filmprogram outdoors for 12th Istanbul Biennial 2011.

As commissioned guest curator at Vita Kuben White Cube art space, Norrlandsoperan Umeå 2010, Vita Kuben was the initial public presentation of the mobile artist books library.

Since 2010  the studio at Mosebacke in Stockholm, also is the  base for the archive and the collection of artist’s books, MABL/Mobile Art Books Library.


born 1954 in Trollhättan, based in Stockholm


2015  Library of the Evil Spirit, Husby Konsthall

2014   TANKEGÅNGAR Trollhättan Konsthall

2014   Library of the Evil Spirit, Kunsthall Trondheim Norway

2012   Double Standard, installation, Täby-Stockholm

2011   Magic carpets, DKTUS Stockholm

2010   Textclothes, Bric-a-Brac Stockholm.

2010   Now Before After O#X, Vita Kuben Norrlandsoperan Umeå

2010   Magic Carpets, Näskott Church, Jämtland.

2010   Rolling Stones, robots, DKTUS Galery Stockholm.

2008   Sketches and works HV Galery Stockholm.

2008   Rugs and Plants Wiks Kulturcentrum, Photography,

2008   Checker Hoods, KB, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

2008   Installation, Jakob Church, Stockholm

2007   51 pieces – 51 days, Elverket, Stockholm

2004   Landescape, Skarstedt Galery, Stockholm

2004   Broken Reflection,  Östermalmstorg Stockholm

2001   Out Of Sight Out Of Mind, TV-Galery Moscow, Russia

2001   Filmwindows, HV Galery, Stockholm

2001   Path filmtrilogy, Ahlbergshallen, Konsthallen Östersund

1996   One Armed Bandit, Northern Light Galery Stockholm

1995   From Behind, Swedish State Theatre Stockholm,

1995   Necks, Nacka Konsthall

1993   Transition, Trollhättans Konsthall/Pumphuset

1993   Groundfloor, Brage Galery Umeå

1987   Role Models, Textilegroup Galery Stockholm

1986   Divine Design, Culture House Stranna Trollhättan

1986   D-Wine Design, Centralbadet Stockholm


2019 Text Garden / Bibliotek Nordica. CODEX California, Richmond

2018 Text Garden at BABF. Bergen Kunsthall

2015-16 Artists books, Husby Konsthall

2015   Preference of Interpretation: rugs and stories. Storsjöteatern Östersund

2015   MABL Istanbul SALT, Aciliyet Mektebi/14th Istanbul Biennial

2015   Cac-Bukojeve Kilometre of Sculpture: Babel- writings/drawings

2015   Interventions MABL, DKTUS, WELD

2014   Intervention MABL. Rönnells Antikvariat

2013   FIS FilmInContemporaryArt: Reverberation artfilmprogram at Zita

2012   Weaving politics, MABL Books & Art  for ccap Dansens Hus

2012   MABL, Plattan Library Culture house Stockholm

2010   Swedish Conceptual Art, Kalmar Artmuseum

07-11   Entrance For Film, art-filmprogram KCK Sthlm, Culture house Sthlm

2009   Entrance For Film, art-filmprogram Istanbul Biennial

2009   Cut my legs off and call me Shorty, Tensta Konsthall

2009   Verka, seminare+exhibition Studio 44 Stockholm

2009   NANO, Studio 44 Stockholm Sweden-Brasil

2009   The Other Room, Hallwylska Museet Stockholm, FAS

2009   IRREVERENT, Nordic craft art, YBCA, San Francisco

2008   5th International Fibre Art Biennial Beijing Kina

2008   Supermarket

2007   Fasit, Svensk Form, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

2007   TEXTIL 07, Kaunas Art Biennial

2007   SPLIT VISION, Västerås Artmuseum

2006   Resources, Mejan Galery Stockholm

2007   World of pattern, touring exhibition with eight artist Riksutställningar

2005   Monster, Gotland Artmuseum

2005   TEXT-IL Five artist Uppsala Culture

2005   Mobile Units, IASPIS artists installations. Stockholm

2004   VVVP, O#X The Inexorable   Culture House Stockholm

2004   Skarstedt Galery

2004   Switch Media Festival, Chiang Mai Univ. Art Museum, Thailand

2004   ZoneIP Fluid-Image Nya Media Grenoble Frankrike

2004   Sthlm Art Fair, Skarstedt Galery, KAOS Galery, Life Aid Galery

2003   Remote Experience, Royal Inst of Arts, Art and New Media

2003   Sthlm Art Fair, FAS Fiber Art Sweden, Life Aid Gallery

2003   Second Eye, Dieselverkstaden Nacka Konsthall, Stockholm

2003   Second Eye, Länsmuseet, Östersund

2002   Swedish Art Weeks, Chiang Mai University Art Museum Thailand

2001   Paths, film tripdyk, Liljevalchs Konsthall

2001   Photo Graphic, House of Graphic Art Mariefred.

2000   Anthropomorph II, Yokohama Portside Gallery     http://www.areatalk.net

2000   Swedish Embassy Tokyo Å The Permeating Stream

2000   News Baltic Arts Polen-Szczecin, Riga, Sweden, Bornholm

1999   SEA Elektronic music festival Enkehuset, Fylkingen, Life Galery

1999   At Home, Theatre Galery /Teatergalleriet Kalmar

1999   Anthropomorph I, FAS 4, House of Sculpture / Skulpturens Hus, Sthlm

1998   Survival – artproject internet http://www.survival-art.org/west

1998   Gate-Rågsved www.ikonart.org/port

97-01  Photo-Graphics   Höjlys & Dybtryk, Nordic Skandinavia art travelling

1996   One Armed Bandit, Time GrayGalery Stockholm

1996   One Armed Bandit, LoveAll Färgfabriken Stockholm

1996   Graphic art, Konstnärshuset Stockholm

1995   The Van, In the trace of Bruno Liljefors, spacespecific installation

1995   Photo-graphic Klädesfabriken Odense Denmark

1990   Chile – Sweden Textile Art in Chile and Sweden Botkyrka Konsthall


2019 ODE Commission, Stockholm art. Sculpture for Zachrisbergs Parc, Liljeholmen

2017  Art residence Circolo Scandinavo Rome

2016   Art residence Circolo Scandinavo Rome

2016  MOXY KHORA Commission Stockholm Art for entrancehall at SFI school Rinkeby.

2015-17   SELECTRIC sculpture research-project Poetry Sphere

2015   Art in Jämtland, commissioned artproject in Hallen Jämtland

2014   Supermarket Sthlm, public talk about artistic research

2013   Artist in residence Trondheim, Kunsthall Trondheim

2013   Commission art: paralell asignment proposition for Citybanan Odenplan SLL

2013   Street wallpainting ll commission for Solna kommun

2013   Professor test for position, lecture Konstfack, Textile in contemporary art

2012   Weaving politics, artroom and visualisation for written words/books

2012   Street wallpainting. Commission for Solna kommun

2012   MABL, Royal Academy of the Arts Library, Stockholm

2012   MABL, Plattan Library Culturehouse/Kulturhuset, Stockholm

2010   Guest curator Vita Kuben, Norrlandsoperan, Umeå

2011   MABL, Artist’s books Culturehouse/Kulturhuset, Stockholm

2010   MABL, Artist’s books Norrlandsoperan, Umeå

2010   Opponent Smart Textiles Textilhögskolan Borås

2010   Camouflagerug+robot, commissioned art Pliktverket, State Art Council

2009   Transition, EU ministermeeting exhibition Frösundavik, State Art Council

07-09  Teatching Södertörns Högskola Esthetic processes

2008   Setdesign and costume, Dieselverkstaden, Nacka

2008   Art pedagogic project Folkoperan: the operan ”Shit”

2006-08     SOL,  Artistic Consultant in Stockholm schools

2004   Project leader, Kista+Art, artspace at Kista shoppingmall

99-03 Coordinator CRAC Stockholm, Creative Room for Art and Computing

1999   Coordinator/projectmanager exhibition CRAC Liljevalchs

1998   Loulou’s sofa. Commissioned art: Videoinstallation in public spaces, seven                               hospitals Stockholm

1994   Transition  Uppsala University . Commissioned art State Art Council.

1991   Bottom of the Sea  Wallprinting. Tillberga Correction facility Prison.  Commission                State Art Council.

1990   Faces Wallcurtain Tomteboda Resourse Centra Commission State Art Council.

1989   Role Models /Förebilder  Tensta gymnasium Commissioned art:                                                Installation in room. Stockholm Art.

1989   Katakomb / dance-art Costume, stage, Enkehuset, Modern Museum Stockholm

87-98 Freelancing for theatre-, film-, SVT-productions, Riksteatern, Dramaten.


07-13   Member of board BUS; Artists Copywrite Organisation

2009-  Grafikskolan/Graphic Art School in Stockholm, member of board

09-13   SKF, Swedish Artists Association, Konstnärshuset /Artists House in                                           Stockholm, member of board

97-99   FAS, Fiber Art Sweden, chairman of board, boardmember

91-93   KKV, Artists Collective Workshop, member of board


2018  Exchange support Bergen Norway/ San Francisco USA

2018  Two year grant (State Art Fund)

2017  Circolo Scandinavo, residency in Rome

2015   Kulturbryggan MABL

2015   IASPIS travelsupport MABL Istanbul

2015   Project grant SELECTRIC (State Art Fund)

2013   Two year grant (State Art Fund)

2012   Stockholm City Art Grant

2011   Project grant Kulturförvaltningen Magic carpets

2011   Kulturbryggan Magic carpets

2010   Estrid Ericsson Stiftelse, printing a book

2009   IASPIS, travelsupport exhibition and work in San Francisco

07-08   2 year grant (State Art Fund)

2007   Estrid Ericsons Stiftelse, study visit jaquard weavery in Lyon, Klässbol

2007   Residence  Wik, Uppsala Art

2006   Residence Cité des Arts Paris. Grant Royal Academy of Fine Arts

2006   IASPIS working grant in Buenos Aires, travel grant Istanbul

2006   Längmanska stiftelsen, printing costs book production

2005   IASPIS 6 months studio and project grant in Stockholm

2004   IASPIS travel grant exhibition and work in Chiangmai Thailand

2003   Axelson-Johnson Stiftelse   studiogrant residence Thailand

2002   2 year grant (State Art Fund)

2001   IASPIS, travelgrant exhibition in Moscow (State Art Fund)

2001   Swedish Institute / exhibition in Thailand Swedish Art Weeks

2000   Project grant / Japan project (State Art Fund)

2000   Swedish Institute / Japan studies grant

2000   BUF, Artists copyright Fund

1998   Stockholm City Art Grant

1995   BUF, Artists copyright Fund

1993   1 year working grant (State Art Fund)

1987   1 year working grant (State Art Fund)


Text Garden. Invitation BABF 2018 and CODEX 2019

ODE sculpture in public space ZachrisbergsParc Stockholm 2019

First Supper Symposium, Oslo 2017

Artist Residence in Rome, Circcolo Scandinavo 2016, 2017

MABL and Library of the Evil Spirit visits Husby Konsthall 2015

Bookproject: Preference of interpretation starting 2015

SELECTRIC  textbased sculpture  starting 2015

CORRECTION, reading Thomas Bernhard with Tina Eriksson Fredriksson. Ongoing

INDIGO RUG, handknotting with Tina Eriksson Fredriksson.  Ongoing

MABL Mobile Artist Book Library. Interventions and archiving. Ongoing


TEXT GARDEN ed 12 handmade unique examples 2018

TANKEGÅNGAR published by OEI Editör 2014

Vita Kuben published by UKW Productions 2011

O#X The Inexorable  published by Axl Books 2010


2009-2010   Theories, methods and practices, Konstfack, College of Art and design.

2005-2006   Mejan Arc, Architectschool, Royal Institute of Fine Arts.  Resources

2003-2004   Royal Institute of Art, Art and New Media

1996-1997     Konstfack, College of Art and design. Art theory, history of photography

1999-2003    Freudian psycoanalyse

1995-1996     Royal Institute of Art. Printing, photography, art theory

1975-1980     Konstfack,College of Art and design. Sculpture, artpedagogics

1973-1975     University of Gothenburg. Nordic languages and literature

1973 -1975    HDK, Institute of Art and design, preparatory studies, Gothenburg