Ulla West is an artist living and working in Stockholm, born 1954 in Trollhättan.

She studied literature and nordic languages at University of Gothenburg 1973 – 1975, followed with art studies at Konstfack / College of Arts in Stockholm – sculpture and art pedagogics 1975 – 1980,  at Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm 1995 – photo printing, 1996 Konstfack – art theory, 2003 Royal Institute of Art – art and new media, 2007 Royal Institute of Art – Mejan Arc, art and architecture, 2009 Theories, Methods and Practises at Konstfack.

Ulla West is working with different media in installations, projects, exhibitions, commissions. The themes of work are elaborations on everyday existence, growing in rhizome-like ways often relating to the digital, and technology in a human context. The line of work involves movements, searching, site, sculpture, social life, film and photo, textile, text, with personal reflections on interactions.

Among exhibitions to mention: Aciliyet Mektebi SALT Istanbul 2015, Trollhättans Konsthall 2014, Kunsthall Trondheim 2013-14, HV Gallery Stockholm 2011, Art Biennial Beijing 2009, Hallwyllska Palace Stockholm 2009, Konstnärshuset Stockholm 2008, Västerås Art Museum 2007, YBCA-Yerba Buena Center for the Arts San Francisco 2007, Kaunas Art Biennial 2007, Skarstedt Gallery Stockholm 2004, Sculpture House Stockholm 2003, Swedish Embassy Tokyo 2001.

Mapping of walks in Trollhättan from the soloexhibition at Konsthallen Trollhättan  THOUGTWALKS/TANKEGÅNGAR  2014:


Artist’s residencies: Paris 1993, Bangkok 2003, IASPIS Stockholm 2005, Buenos Aires 2006,  Paris 2007, Wik 2008, Trondheim 2013, Hallen/Jämtland 2015, Circolo Scandinavo Rome 2016 and 2017.

Lectures, workshops and studio talks includes venues such as Konstfack/ College of art and design Stockholm, Södertörn University, Royal Institute of Art Stockholm, KTH Computer Science Stockholm, Modern Museum Stockholm, Swedish Embassy in Tokyo Japan, YBCA Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Chiang Mai University Art Museum Thailand, HRI/ University of Osaka Japan, HDK Gothenburg, Kunsthall Trondheim Norway, Aciliyet Mektebi Scool of Urgency SALT Istanbul.


Since the first soloexhibition in Stockholm 1986 presenting paintings and large scale screenprints she started using textile materials and methods in her artwork, after beeing invited into the network Textile Group. Between 1987 and 1990 this involved running an art gallery, an archive over artworks for commissions and exhibitions in Stockholm and abroad. Exchanges with Norway, UK, Switzerland and Chile took place. During these years UW worked with public commissions for State Art Council/Statens Konstråd and Stockholm municipality, and Stockholm Hospitals. She also worked freelancing with stage design and costumes for theatre-, film- and TV-productions.

1995 starting poststudies in art theory, philosophy, digital media, programming, printing and photo transfers, art and new media at Royal College of Art and at Konstfack. As part of the international female network of artists, No Problem,  followed a series of exchange exhibitions in Japan, Thailand, Norway, Denmark, Sweden.

Inbetween 1996 and 2000 she was a member of the artistic network FAS Fiber Art Sweden based in Sweden, organizing exhibitions and events, at for example House of Sculpture, Palace of Hallwyllska in Stockholm, Västerås Art Museum. Ulla learned html- and C++ coding and built FAS first website.

1999-2003 she worked as project manager and coordinator at CRAC, Creative Room for Art and Computing in Stockholm. 2004 she was commissioned as project manager of KISTA+ART, an experimental room for art, interactions and workshops incorporated in the shoppingmall in Kista. This was a collaborative project between Art Centra East/KC Öst – local district administration in Kista – IT University  – Konstfack.

2007-2010 Ulla West and Anna Selander organised public art film screenings called Entrance For Film EFF, presenting short art films in public places such as the entrance of Konstnärernas Centralköp in Stockholm, Plattan Library Kulturhuset Stockholm, filmprogram outdoors for 12th Istanbul Biennial 2011.

As commissioned guest curator at Vita Kuben White Cube art space, Norrlandsoperan Umeå 2010, Vita Kuben was the initial public presentation of the mobile artist books library.

Since 2010  the studio at Mosebacke in Stockholm, also is the  base for the archive and the collection of artist’s books, MABL/Mobile Artist’s Books Library.