UKW Artist books

UKW art books, a collection/archive/ library is growing out from and around Library of the Evil Spirit based in the studio Fiskargatan Stockholm.

TEXT GARDEN  2019  25 books, a collection, a library, a garden of imprints from plants.

Fiskargatan 1 MABLexamples from the female track of Library of the Evil Spirit:
124 notebooks 1975-2006

Indigo notebook nr 2 2016: Dots and plans


Poster made by Studio Christopher West

Siluettes & appearances, lemonpaintings on paper, made 2014 in Trondheim

”Ink made of cobolt dissolved in aqua fortis added a few drops of volatile salt. This does not at first appear but comes out in yellow and green when the paper is warm. An ink which disappears in itself, and on avaporation leaves the paper in its pristine whiteness.”

from Siebenkäs by Jean Paul Richter

The siluettes are invisible when painted. They are visualized by necessity while heated.


Rolling Stones 2011, poster


with variations in edition. Checkerpattern 2009, 7×11 cm, 44 pages. Photoprints, colour.


 Checker Hoods I / 2009,  7,5×10 cm, 18 pages. Photoprints. Edition 50.              Checker Hoods II / 2009,  7,5×10 cm, 20 pages. Photoprints. Edition 50.


Mouthpieces I / 2008. 10×10 cm, 20 pages. Photoprints. Edition 50.                   Mouthpieces II / 2008. 10×10 cm, 20 pages. Photoprints. Edition 50.


LANDESCAPEPATTERNS 2006, 16×17 cm, 14 pages prints of photomontage. Patterns made of photoes from travels back and forth in search of origin.



Souvenirs 2005, photobook over luminated crocheted sculptures from plasticbags

Pixel Haikus 2005, one haiku-poem a day transformed into pixelcolour code

Making a book of Pixel Haikus, titled 187, 2016-2017

Notebook  China: Mother, ink and drawings on paper 1997