Ulla West: LANDESCAPE   (pressrelease)

Skarstedt Gallery Stockholm 3/4 – 1/5 2004
Ulla Wests exhibiton at Skarstedt Gallery search for the state of enduring escape. Work in different media – film, pictures, mobile objects – stage a work raising a relation of independence from or alienation towards a too familiar existance circumstances. The confused clinging robot The Inexorable is aggressively appealing, as a proper student at practise with a beggar in the subway. The film Landescape and the picture Landescape Pattern make stillpictures from different travels and return them as a movement or a gliding, as to make them appear as more strange and tempting as any exotic trip to a foreign country could be. The object, Souvenirs, organs or ontails in crochetwork made by plasticbags from foodstores and marketplaces from different places in the world, are spreading dusky lights from strange angels of the space as malplaced memories can do in the head.

5 minutes filmloop, no sound.

Landescape, filmstill