Public Commissions


Zachrisbergs parc in Årstaberg. Art in public outdoor space commissioned by Stockholm konst, under work 2017-2019. A large scale wordglobe- sculpture in aluminum, with light and letters forming words, prepositions.


SFI Västerort and Jobbtorg Stockholm in Rinkeby 2016: SELECTRIC textsphere (the small version 100cm diameters) is a sculpture for the entrance hall, commissioned by Stockholm konst, to be ready autumn 2016. Former Bredbyskolan will be the center for SFI, learning the swedish language to immigrants. The project involves interaction with students at SFI. More information under Sculpture and PROJECTS

Selectric / Moxy Khora is a project supported by Swedish Arts Grants Committé, Konstnärsnämnden.




Hallen 2015: Preference of Interpretationis a rug-map made in wool 100×70 cm placed at Allhuset/The library in Hallen HALLEN MATTAN

A commissioned work performed in collaboration with natives of Hallen community in Jämtland. The rug-map continues the history of an anatolien rug from 1400 placed in the church of Marby/Hallen.  Probably carried by pilgrimers on the way to Nidarosdomen in Trondheim and given as a gift to the church.hallenRug


Commission Proposition for Citybanan  Odenplan, 2013  Biblioskop: elevator transparent filmscreen, pilarmosaic, interactive light-installation / morsecode – underground stretching between two public libraries. Project leader: Stefan Hagdahl. SLL. Proposition Odenplan: from film storyboard, sketch for platform.

The proposition deals with the history of this area and the underground connection in between the libraries.


Restauration of schoolchildrens two wallpaintings in outdoortunnel. Solna Community 2012. Picture comming soon.

CAMOUFLAGE RUGCamo Rug with robotboll” Pliktverket i Stockholm, Statens Konstråd. 2010. The little robot is connected to the camopattern as a missile and in the same time as a fetus and it is moving, hiding.

Prayer Camo Rug 70x120 cm ull, lin, silke 2008




Transition EU ministerassembly Frösundavik, Statens Konstråd 2009

BROKEN REFLECTION. Window-mirror installation at Östermalmstorg Stockholm 2004
LOULOU’s SOFFA Videoinstallations, Sthlm läns Landsting, at seven hospitals, one month each. Produced together with artist Monika Höll and invited performing artists. 1998 SLL.

GATE RÅGSVED Installation in residential building. 1998  At Home.

hemmaFROM BEHIND  Nacka centrum, screenprinted wallcurtain with zippers in painted, screenprinted and bleeched velvet and  photoengravings, bottom built of patinized moulded breadsculptures. 6 x 3 m  Nacka community 1995



TRANSITION 1994  Walltextile. Uppsala University   Statens Konstråd/ Handarbetets Vänner Studios and workshops. The background becomes foreground ande vice verse in a circle of transition. Made in moulatechnique: weaving and embroidery in layers. 640 x 160 cm


BOTTOM OF THE SEA Tillberga Correctionfacility/Prison. Statens konstråd.  Screenprinted and painted walltextile 100×900 cm 1991

SILKE ROAD Dyed-painted-printed. 105×300 cm Therapy Center. Stockholms Läns Landsting 1990

silkeroad II

Ridå/stagecurtain: Faces  1990  Tomteboda Resourse Center,  Statens Konstråd . Screenprinted  cotton. 300×900 cm Project leader: Marilyn Gierow

ROLE MODELS Tensta gymnasium,  Shaping a room including textile covers for twelve pilars and walltextiles,  Stockholm Schools 1989. Screentprinting in collaboration with students at the multicultural school.  Project leaders: Marilyn Gierow, Brita Carlström


Som man ropar i skogen får man svar/ Echoed answer in the wood. 1988  Painting. Commissioned art, State Art Council.

Trädkram / Tree-Hug 1988. Painting-print-mixed media. Commissioned art, landscape architects.