Decipherment/interpretation/depiction, in this case of the design of a the circuitboard for the robot 0#X transferred for weaving. Handarbetets Vänner weavery and two different rug-weaveries in China. 2009, 2010, 2011.


example 1. My own interpretation of the circuitpattern in handknotted rya

Circuit Rug 2010

example 2. Interpretation from my circuitpattern made by Handarbetets vänner, handwoven


example 3 above and example 4 below. Two interpretation from same circuitpattern made by two different hand weavers in China, nr 1 from Beijing, nr 2 from south of China.5.kinaprov2The circuitboard is initially constructed and designed to make the robot O#X into an interactive autonomous sculpture, a sculpture going it’s own way.