Philosophia Perennis


Report: Philosophia Perennis

I listen to thirty-two lectures in the area of art-theory,  ideas about the concept of art. I take note of my interpretations of the lecturers interpretations, notes, fragments that I later rewrite on the computer, with references to works, artists, writers, philosophers. 32 lectures become 192 pages of text, Helvetica 10 point. If I reduce my text to write the minimum possible size, 4 point, I have 16 pages of text. To further reduce the text, I must scan the printed text and treat it as image, and use photoshop. I scan my sixteen 4 point textpages and reduce these 16 further so that they all fit into one A4 page. The text is now unreadable, a grid, a patterning, a noise.

With this ”material” at hand I start testing different ways to make patterns, to use what before was text to make something else toward the linguistically incomprehensible, and by that forced into a different possible readings. See Textprint.


LECTURES   1995-1996   Royal Institute of Arts/Art theory / Professor Tom Sandqvist

14.9  Reflections on the notion of pictures and art

21.9  Definitions What is a picture? What is an object?

28.9   S O Wallenstein: modern definitions on art. Aesthetics of Kant o Hegel

5.10    Other definitions Institution-theory, play-theory

12.10   Ola Billgren: the notion on pictures

19.10   Bo Ossian Lindberg: Wittgensteins theories

26.10   Helen Chadwick

02.11   Torsten Weimarck: aspects on the history of the human body

02.11  Seminare

09.11 Saussures theory on language. Linguistiques. Communication theory. Semiotics

16.11  The picture in the picture. Palimpsest, intertextuality

16.11   Seminare: Lacan, Kristeva

23.11   Lars O Ericsson: picture cannibalism, Intervisuality as intertextuality

30.11   The picture and langugae. Todorovs exegetics

30.11   Seminare

07.12  Frankfurterskolan, the  critical theory, Adorno

07.12  Seminare

18.12  Happy nihilism. The modern project deconstructed

25.1    Peter Cornell: Ars Sacra. Etnographic and religion science perspective

08.2  Phenomenologhy, Cezannes doubts

15.2  Pragmatism. From Krauss to Bachtin

22.2  Death of God,  from Kierkegaard to Nietzsche

29.2  Nietzsche and the eroded absolute hierarchies to language theory of dadaism

07.3  Fredrik Lång: Duchamp in contemporary cultural history

12.3  Alexander Alberro: conceptual art.

14.3  Carin Franzén: poststructuralism

14.3  Seminare

21.3  The Deconstruction, Derrida

28.3  Clarence Crafoord: Freud and art

28.3  Seminare

11.4  Lacan and the state of mirroing

25.4  School of Objectrelations

09.5 Sara Arrhenius: feminism and postfeminism