Above: Psyko-geographic (non-gps) walks in Trollhättan 2014.

Mapping of walks in Trollhättan from the soloexhibition at Konsthallen Trollhättan  THOUGTWALKS/TANKEGÅNGAR  2014

On the table: Mapping Stockholm-Trollhättan-Husby 2015.
mapping-HusbyOnda Andens Bibliotek/Library of the Evil Spirit: tracing Thomas Bernhards writings and mappings. An operation that associates each element of a given set, the domain, with one or more elements of a second set, the range. Walks, mappings and  readings in Buenos Aires 2008 – Rome 2013 – Trondheim 2013 to 2014 – Trollhättan 2014 – Hallen 2015 – Stockholm – Husby 2015. Followed by new walks…

buenos airesWebromWebAbove: Buenos Aires Walks 2009. Roma Walks 2013. Below: 2xTrondheim Walks 2013.