Indigo Rug #16

Indigo Rug is a corresponding activity related to those taking place in Thomas Bernhard’s novel Correction. It is a constant and incessantly growing work, destined to become 20 square meters, resembling the dimension of “the hoeller garret” ( from the american translation of the novel), the ultimate room for work: ideas, thoughts, writing and correction.

Knot by knot the rug slowly takes the mental and physical shape of a dark indigo space in which time and thinking is embedded and in constant progress.

The indigo rug is handknotted in 20 unique parts with varying tints of indigo dyed wool, following with us wherever we can work, and as a part of MABL’s ongoing activities and performances. The project is performed together with Tina Eriksson Fredriksson, both of us reading and knotting. Our different ways of working constitutes one dimension of this collaboration: our corrections.

My ten pieces equals 788 110 knots. Each squaremeter has 73 rows of knots. Each row has 107 knots. Each squaremeter of Indigo Rug has 7811 knots. Each squaremeter resembles for me one new written text. Indigo Rug nr 1: Every row creates one sentence in this text. Every knot is one letter or, a sign or a distance between letters and/or signs.

All in all the knotting will be completed within a year with the start in spring 2015. January 10, 2016 seven indigo rugs are completed.

Indigo Rugs:






Indigo Rug #8 is made during Rome residency at Circolo Scandinavo and the reading of Peter Weiss, The Aesthetics of Resistance with frequent visits to the Pantheon.


The interior of Pantheon has 28 casettes in each 5 rows. The diameter inside Pantheon is 64 of my footsteps. If I 2016 in February walk 9,4 kilometers each day of my residency in Rome I have walked the length of thread for 20 square meters of Indigo Rug. Also meaning what is the point and purpose with this work. To continue and to try to understand oneself in history and now: to build and create new circumstances, for now a deep blue flexible crafted space for reflection and visions.


November 2016  is the startingpoint of Second part of Indigo Rug and the knotting of rug XI – rug XX. The work  turns into following my own writings and notes from 125 Notebooks covering thougts and ideas from 1970 – 2016 . 
Sketches of Indigo Rugs from 2015: