En röd snurra omlindad med vitt band eller röd tråd, ett verk av Unica Zürn. Verkets titel: Quel qu’un coud, est-ce toi?

Någon rullar, kommer till ro, någon syr, är det du Lorrelou? skriver Henri Michaux i en dikt.

Någon syr, är det du? heter Helena Erikssons bok om Unica Zürn och Hans Bellmer.

from ongoing spot-writings: Walks and movements – Out In The Blue

Everything can not be calculated, for example, what is on the verge of knowing – not knowing. Prepositions stand between or in front of, support a noun or otherwise, prepositions are not enough by them selves.

I will gather and arrange and reduce and formulate all that I have attempted to formulate by living, following  associative paths for more than forty years. My work has never and will never have the goal of bringing in profits or achieving fame. My aim is to try to find my way by actions, thoughts, ideas and happenings leading me further. The crafting, thoughts, actions, choices and dropouts into the blue: behind -> in -> under -> over -> on – > ahead -> if -> to