ARTIST BOOKS Bibliotek Plattan 18 – 20 feb

The magazine OEI nr 14 – 51, books and printed matters from OEI editör, Axl Books, Print Press Editions, Firework Editions, Irrlicht and from a private collection is presented at Plattan Library Kulturhuset presented in cooperation with Dktus gallery

artist Sara Wolfert animations and bookworks.

BOOKRELEASE Friday 18 feb kl 18.00

Vita kuben by Ulla West in cooperation with Tina Eriksson Fredriksson by UKW Förlag Texts: Ulla West, artist  Tina Eriksson-Fredriksson, artistic producer at Norrlandsoperan

Contributers in the book:

Emily Sundblad, artist and gallerymanager

Lina Selander, artist

Kerstin Berggren, journlist Sveriges Radio

Christopher West, graphic design

Photo by Tina Eriksson-Fredriksson, Ulla West

Anna Danielsson, correction

In the program:

Tina Eriksson-Fredriksson, Norrlandsoperan. Talk about Vita kuben

Thomas Liljenberg, artist, presents Firework editions

Books and printed matters from OEI Editör, Axl Books, Print Press Editions / Grafikskolan in Stockholm, Irrlicht, Firework Editions

Artist’s books in cooperation with Dktus exhibition in

Kulturhuset during Supermarket. www.dktus.org

Plattan Library, Kulturhuset, Sergels torg Stockholm

Supported by Norrlandsoperan