Performing Arts

2015      CORRECTION III – IV  Reading performance Aciliyet Mektebi SALT Istanbul

2015      CORRECTION I – II  Reading performances Weld, Dktus in Stockholm

2015     Walking Performance in Hallen Jämtland

2014     Reading Performance  Evil Spirit  Trollhättans Konsthall

2011     Fly on a rug, Magic Carpets, DKTUS Stockholm

2010     Rolling Stones at DKTUS Stockholm

2009    SPOTS performing  in Beijing, Bangkok, Wik, Hallwyllska Stockholm, IASPIS

2008      Setdesign and costume, Choral: Enchanted forest. Dieselverkstaden, Nacka

2007      Setdesign Profets without God, dance-theatre, Kulturhuset Stockholm

2007      the opera Shit – Set design in schools, Folkoperan around the process.

2004     O#X at Culture House Stockholm. Performance 2 pm Tuesd-Sund during Dec.

2001    Out Of Sight Out Of Mind, TV Gallery Moscow

1989      Katakomb / danceart by Ann Rosén. Costume, setdesign, photo. performed at Enkehuset, Modern Museum Stockholm,  Umeå

1987      Frilance commissions for theatre-, film- and TV-productions. Among other: Cullbergballet-Ingmar Bergman at Riksteatern, Royal Dramatic Theatre,                                  SVT-Swedish Television.


helena Setdesign, costume, painting, patinizing. Ongoing…