Distributing distribution. Rönnells May 15 2013 seminar produced by OEI Editors Ulla West presents the travelling artist’s books library

Distributing Distribution– about a traveling artist’s books library Rönnells 05/15/2013

Rönnells Sept-Nov 2013   Ulla West presents work in process: Library of the Evil Spirit / Onda Andens Bibliotek. Tracing Thomas Bernhards writings

Kunsthall Trondheim 2013-2014  Onde Ånds Bibliotek / Onda Andens Bibliotek / Library of the Evil Spirit by Ulla West

Soloexhibition – Tracing Thomas Bernhards writings. In conjunction to the exhibition Ulla West also presents items from the travelling artist’s books library.

Program: -Screening: Film about Thomas Bernhard by Ferry Radax, Drei Tage 1971 Invited poet writer Helena Eriksson lecture about Unica Zürn, her work with art and poetry/anagram. HE talks about an ongoing project, a book about Unica Zürn and Hans Bellmer to be released 2014.

-Artist’s books circle with local artists.