CORRECTION consists of close readings starting from the novel Correction by Thomas Bernhard. The performances are about understanding and interpreting a literary work and in a wider perspective about understanding, interpreting and making corrections in life and work. In the performance  alternately reading and actively working to knot an indigo-coloured rug in a staged room environment, are taking place, that includes a projection of filmed material from an empty apartment. The situation is arranged differently each occasion.

The rug is emerging with one square at a time, and it is intended to be twenty square meters, an area as large as the surface of the Hoeller garret/the Hoeller hut. Corresponding the space for siftning, sorting, thinking and writing from the novel Correction.

The readings from the novel Correction is not the overall focus in the performances. The readings are subordinate. The main thing is the process of interpretation and correction and the process of a new work with focus on  the remains, the river, the cone, the dreams.

Shortly about the novel:

The main character in the novel goes straight into the so-called Hoeller hut, to begin sifting and arranging the literary remains of his friend Roithamer, after Roithamer’s suicide. Roithamer (also a friend of the taxidermist Hoeller) willed the literary remains to the main charater who the reader follow in his work and thoughts sifting and sorting the papers consisting of thousands of slips covered with Roithamer’s handwriting plus a bulky manuscript entitled “About Altensam and everything connected with Altensam, with special attention to the Cone”.


WELD, Norrtullsgatan 10, Stockholm, Aprile 27

At Weld the ”scenery” resembled how two proofreaders alternately reads sitting opposite each other at a square table.






DKTUS Trädgårdsgatan 2, Stockholm, June 5. At Dktus, in a narrow space in the cellar of an old house, that long ago was the shriveners hut, in Gamla stan close to the Royal Castle.


in Istanbul at Aciliyet Mektebi (School of Urgency) located at SALT Beyoglu, during MABL Istanbul, Sept 4

a parallell reading in swedish-english-turkish.

correction3CORRECTION 4

in Istanbul at Aciliyet Mektebi (School of Urgency) located at SALT Beyoglu, during MABL Istanbul, Sept 5

pre-readingCORRECTION 5

Due to investigations about copyright issues the performances are paused and the work with Indigo Rug #8 – #10 continues in company of new readings and interpretations: Peter Weiss, Motståndets Estetik / Resistance Aesthetics I – III and Peter Weiss, Notisbooks 71-75 and 75-80. Chris Kraus, I Love Dick, Virginia Woolf, Flush.

CORRECTION 6 and further

Ulla West, 124 Notebooks to be continued accompanied by Indigo Rug #11 and further on, to begin sifting and arranging the work and thoughts, sorting the contents consisting of thousands of slips and manuscripts from notebooks.


October: Notisbooks 1974-1980

November: Notisbooks 1981-1990

December: Notisbooks 1991-2000

January: Notisbooks 2001-2010

February: Notisbooks 2011-